GS EPS establishes the transparent company culture and practices business ethics

Creating values in various relationships and fulfilling social responsibilities based on the ethical management culture

GS EPS pursues transparent business and ethical management to fulfill social responsibilities to our various stakeholders. We strive to fulfill our social responsibilities by providing clear standards of behavior to our members through the corporate code of conduct and internalizing ethical management.

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    GS EPS respects customers' opinions and strives to earn their trust with customer-centered management.

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    GS EPS seeks mutual development and growth based on trust and respect with employees. GS EPS treats all employees fairly according to their ability and performance and creates an equal working environment without discrimination.

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    GS EPS protects the interests of its shareholders and respects their investment returns and right to know by transparent and accurate disclosure of the management status and financial structure.

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    Cooperative company

    GS EPS makes win-win partnerships with its cooperative companies through fair and transparent transactions and builds a virtuous cycle of mutual growth and development.

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    GS EPS respects national policies, laws, and regulations as a corporate citizen and pursues common development with the country and society. GS EPS protects environments based on systematic environmental management and complies with health and safety obligations for employees.

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Establishing the company’s transparency and practicing ethical management in advance

GS EPS creates an environment where employees can voluntarily comply with relevant laws and strives to establish a transparent and healthy company culture based on introducing the 'Corporate Compliance Program' in 2001.

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    GS EPS establishes and operates compliance regulations and practices them with training programs and practice certificates. The compliance managers and the support team prevent violations and systematically manage them.

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    GS EPS regularly inspects for tasks and prevents the occurrence of management risks caused by violations of laws and company regulations. In addition, we regularly survey our cooperative companies to check the awareness of ethical management reporting lines and code of conduct guidelines.

  • icon Training of compliance/ethics

    GS EPS conducts ethics and compliance training for new and experienced employees and invites professionals related to current issues of the year, such as the Serious Accidents Punishment Act, to train employees.
    Also, collective training is conducted at least once a year for legally compulsory education to prevent sexual harassment and aggrievement.

  • icon Internal accounting management system

    GS EPS operates an internal accounting management system* with an independent audit. Its evaluation results are reported to the board of directors every year.
    * An internal control system is designed and operated to reasonably verify that financial statements have been prepared and disclosed reliably.

  • icon Operation of ethical management reporting lines

    GS EPS supports all stakeholders to report unethical behaviors anonymously or with real names purposely shielded through the ethical management reporting lines. We comply with the compliance regulations for operating ethical management reporting lines, protecting informants, and handling violations.