GS EPS generates and delivers electricity from natural gas, new renewable energy sources, and clean fuels

GS EPS creates a bright and clean world with smart power plants and eco-friendly energy

GS EPS (Electric Power Solution) is Korea's first independent power generation company, established in 1996 under the government's basic plan for private power generation projects. We are contributing to the stable electricity supply of the country by generating electricity from natural gas and new renewable energy, clean fuels.

GS EPS has led the domestic eco-friendly power generation by introducing high-efficiency H-Class gas turbines and constructing Asia’s first 100MW biomass power plant.

GS EPS will continue to put our capabilities into finding new businesses, including the domestic and overseas projects of new power generation and new renewable energy that will become the new growth engines.

  • Company Name

    GS EPS Co., Ltd.
  • Foundation day

  • No. of employees

  • Revenue (2022)

    2 trillion 2901 won
  • Power generation capacity

  • Eco-friendly energy business

We will grow into an energy company that creates new value of life through continuous innovation and change
Under the vision of ‘Value No.1 Clean Energy Company for a Better World’, GS EPS continues to take various steps as an eco-friendly energy company for producing eco-friendly and low-carbon energy, construction of smart plants, etc.
We will grow into a respected energy company that dreams of tomorrow with clients and creates new life value through continuous change and innovation.
Chan Soo Chung, CEO of GS EPS
gseps ceo
  • Vision

    Value No.1 Clean Energy Company for Better World

  • Vision Statement

    We create a bright and clean world with Smart plant and clean energy

  • Core Values
    • Let's try something new
    • Let's change the frame of mind
    • Let's divide and do more

    Open Mind & Open Communication

    Open Mind & Open Communication Communicate with an open mind while showing respect and compassion for each other

GS EPS’ future

GS EPS is creating its future of greater company value by achieving its vision and realizing core values.

  • growth

    Expansion of power generation business Construction of a balanced LNG/new renewable business portfolio

  • smart Plant

    Smart plant based on 4th industrial technology Implementation of predictive maintenance and operation of optimized power generation facilities through digital power plants

  • eco-Friendly

    Power generation utilizing low-carbon, eco-friendly energy Response to power production and carbon credits/RPS through LNG/new renewable energy

  • price Competitiveness

    Introduction of price-competitive fuel Profit maximization through the introduction of low-price fuels

  • ssocial Contribution

    Continuous social contribution activities A company sharing its fruits with energy customers and communities

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