Delivering the GS EPS’s CI (corporate identity)

Introducing the GS EPS’s CI

Symbol mark

The GS symbol mark comprises three colors (Orange, Blue, and Green).
It expresses a simple and dynamic feeling while symbolically embracing the sun, sky, sea, and earth.

  • Orange

    expressing the dynamics of refined oil energy

  • Green

    expressing the growth and consideration of living convenience business groups

  • Blue

    symbolizing leadership that aims for the best through transparent management

  • 로고 이미지


Since the signature is important in delivering the GS EPS image, it should not be modified or changed arbitrarily. As a principle, the basic type is used. However, application types can be used accordingly in consideration of the background color or environment.

Basic type

* EPS : Initials of electric power solution
* Background : The background color is white in principle.

로고 기본형
Application type 로고 응용형
Application type 로고 응용형

Color Palette

Expression using 4 gradient colors is basic. Only when it is impossible to produce 4 gradient colors, 3 solid colors can be applied.

  • 4 gradient colors 4색 표현 이미지
  • 3 gradient colors 3색 표현 이미지
  • PANTONE 173C

    C0 M75 Y102 K0


  • PANTONE 321C

    C100 M10 Y45 K5


  • PANTONE 300C

    C100 M50 Y0 K0


  • PANTONE 368C

    C65 M0 Y100 K0


  • PANTONE Cool Gray 10C

    C0 M0 Y0 K60


  • PANTONE Warm Gray 1C

    C0 M0 Y3 K8