ESG Strategy

GS EPS's ESG management system considering global environments and social responsibility

GS EPS actively practices ESG management for sustainable power generation

GS EPS recognizes the need for sustainability management and has participated in the GS Group’s ESG council since 2021. Accordingly, ESG establishes its organization chart, sets ESG strategic directions and goals, drives ESG activities, and shares practical discussions and achievements. In particular, ESG changed its name to the ESG business council in 2023. It solidifies the foundation of driving ESG management with the ESG management and monitoring system.

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Continuing the social responsibility for a green environment by issuing green bonds

As ESG-related standards and regulations have been strengthened, ESG management has become a key management factor for the sustainable growth of companies. In September 2021, GS EPS successfully issued 130 billion won scaled green bonds with 3- and 5-year maturities to promote investment in eco-friendly projects. The issued funds were used for the operation of biomass power generation.

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Enhancing company values through cooperation with diverse stakeholders

GS EPS leads in creating long-term, sustainable economic and social values based on solidarity and cooperation with stakeholders and focuses on enhancing stakeholders’ trust and company values by providing transparent information.