We create sustainable future values with local communities

Creating a warm and bright world of hope

GS EPS conducts various social contribution activities while fulfilling its social responsibility to increase company values. Under the slogan of “creating a warm and bright world of hope”, we discover social issues and build partnerships through communication with key stakeholders for sustainable social contribution.

a light that shines together

Delivering warm light shared by all

GS EPS practices sharing management with a warm heart in cooperation with various local organizations for the underprivileged in local communities. We also do our best to fulfill our social responsibilities to the local communities through Dangjin’s customized social contribution activities.

Support with heating oil and supplies
GS EPS provides heating oil and supplies to seniors in Dangjin with winter heating difficulties delivering warmth.
Improving the environment for the groups vulnerable to crime
GS EPS contracted with the Dangin police station and the Dangin welfare foundation to build a social safety net and supports to improve the perceived safety of the vulnerable in Dangin.

Delivering bright light by supporting culture and art

GS EPS supports local children to grow up healthy and experience various cultural arts.

Love the environment art contest in Dangjin
Since 2010, the Love the Environment contest in Dangjin has been held annually to love and protect the environment. We support the contest to inform children of the importance of environments and demonstrate their artistic talents.
Event inviting local children
In celebration of GS EPS Day, we invite children who use the local children's center and related personnel. We also provide opportunities to watch K-League soccer matches, kick the first ball, and experience stadiums.

Delivering hopeful light that lightens up the future

GS EPS supports students to achieve their dreams and grow into new future talents. We are contributing to the growth of local communities by supporting various local activities.

Elementary/Middle school/High school education business
We sponsor scholarships and deliver tools and materials to schools near the power plants to support fostering future talents.
Support for local activities
We actively support events in Dangjin, such as the Sangnok cultural festival and the Hanjin port clam.
GS EPS is being offered social contribution activities that create new values Proposal