Green Innovation

Striving to create a sustainable future
in creative and innovative ways

GS EPS continues advancing towards a better tomorrow than today, creatively and innovatively

GS EPS aims to achieve net-zero and leads the eco-friendly industry for the future by investing in innovative technologies.

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As a green energy company, GS EPS actively participates in net-zero projects

GS EPS generates new renewable energy that exceeds the Renewable portfolio standard (RPS)* standards and sells Renewable energy certificates (RECs)* to realize carbon neutrality. We also respond to climate change by trading carbon credits* from carbon reduction activities.

* RPS : The mandatory system for power generation operators with a capacity larger than 500MW to supply a portion of total power generation with electricity generated from renewable energy

* REC : Certificates used to track and support renewable energy use and carbon emission reduction to prove and trade renewable energy generation

* Carbon credits : The right to allow a company or organization to emit carbon and a policy tool for net-zero

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Achieving net-zero together with companies participating in RE100 and driving net-zero

GS EPS is a clean energy partner that provides renewable energy to companies participating in RE100* and driving net-zero*.

* RE100 : A global effort in which companies promise to use 100% renewable energy and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

* Net zero : Making greenhouse gas emissions equal to the amount of absorption for actual zero emissions

  • Changwon LG Electronics Smart Park Rooftop photovoltaic power plant

    For the first time ever in Korea, GS EPS and LG Electronics operates the direct PPA* photovoltaic power plant and plan to complete the construction by 2025. It will be equivalent to planting about 20,000 pine trees, reducing carbon dioxide by about 3,000 tons per year, leading to the response to climate change.

    * Direct PPA: Direct electricity purchase between electricity sellers and users without electricity markets
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  • Yeosu TW Biomass power plant project

    GS EPS is deriving a project to demolish the existing power generation facilities at LG Chem's Hwachi plant in Yeosu and then build a biomass cogeneration plant (220 tons of heat/hour and 25MW of power). It is expected to be a best practice of fuel conversion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industrial complexes.

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GS EPS moves forward to a greener and more valuable future through investments in eco-friendly new technologies together with you

GS EPS cooperates with small and medium-sized start-ups that possess next-generation eco-friendly energy and digital transformation technologies while seeking venture investment opportunities. We strive to secure growth engines for the future and form a healthy business ecosystem growing together through such open innovation.

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New energy & environmental technologies
GS EPS and group companies invest in eco-friendly technologies. GS EPS explores new growth engines by investing in future projects CCUS(Carbon capture, Utilization), green hydrogen, and hydrogen power, leading net-zero.
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Greenhouse gas reduction
GS EPS pursues renewable energy by investing in CCUS and hydrogen-premix technologies and will continue investing in hydrogen technology for the transition from LNG to hydrogen energy. We look for partners for cooperation with.
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Digital transformation (DX)
GS EPS builds smart power plants with partners based on advanced technologies like AI, big data, IoT, and robots and aims to create future businesses by discovering and investing in partners for digital transformation.